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Congressman Bill Greene Is My Bitch... HAHAHA! - Goddess Worship, Matriarchy, Gynarchy, And Female Supremacy Reborn

May. 24th, 2007

02:34 pm - Congressman Bill Greene Is My Bitch... HAHAHA!

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It would seem that My original guess was correct and the gestapos that run Bill Greene's Myspace page did indeed take My comment down. So I decided to exercise My freedom of speech and posted it once more. Literally within five minutes of posting My comment for the second time they deleted My comment once more. They also deleted Me as a friend so that I could not post My comment again in the future. It's nice to see that My lack of faith in the republican party has been restored. He was completely terrified when he read the truth of My words and feared being exposed for the nazi right winger that he really is. Not only does he seek to censor the public's right to religion but it would also seem that freedom of speech is another right that he seeks to destroy as well. By deleting My comment he proved to Myself and the public in general that he is indeed scared to be held accountable for his closed minded conservative stand on the issues that really matter. He has no respect for the opinion of the public whose support he seeks and he also has no respect for the freedoms that many good women and men have died to secure. He is obviously just another politician looking to line his pockets off of the sweat and tears of our wonderful country. He must have learned his political values by reading "Politics For Dummies" by George Bush!