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Goddess Worship, Matriarchy, Gynarchy, And Female Supremacy Reborn

Ψ The Church Of Malice Ψ

The Church Of Malice
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Ψ (Goddess Worship, Matriarchy, Gynarchy, And Female Supremacy Reborn) Ψ

Throughout history, man has searched for a higher power. As early as caveman times evidence has been found that man searched for answers to life's many mysteries in the form of faith and religion. Even without modern technology or other false concepts of religion, man knew deep down inside that there was a presence grander then himself, that which granted existence to all living creatures including himself. Even in man's limited early thinking he knew that some miraculous entity had created all of which he saw surrounding him. As he began to attempt to explain these mysteries to himself, one fact became abundantly clear. Woman had the power to create life much as the first man and woman must have been created. In her holy womb rested the power to give existence to other beings like themselves. It was not long before he concluded that the higher power that gave them all existence must too be a Woman. In awe he began to study the Women of his tribe and their secret rites of fertility and creation. Such a magical occurrence must be similar to how he himself came to be in this world he logically decided. Had he not traveled his own mother's holy tunnel of darkness to be spilled forth into this world newly birthed and vulnerable? Did She not grant him life and nurture him to manhood? The more man tried to unravel these complicated theories, the more simplistic the answer became. Woman is the creator of life and all else that is holy. It is in this knowledge that man began to worship the true creator of life and Her Female representatives on Earth. To show his devotion he dedicated himself as servant to these most divine Female Deities as slave, consort, protector, and provider to the superior beings that were so much like the all powerful Goddess he now worshipped.

These same common principles of Goddess Worship, Matriarchy, Gynarchy, and Female Supremacy believed during 200,000 years of Established Matriarchal Society fuel the beliefs of The Church Of Malice today. It has only been 4,000 years since the empowerment and belief of male ruler based religion. The most widespread misconception of them all being the backward bastardized religion known as christianity. Though patriarchal religion has also been known by many other names during these past and present times of enshadowment, none other are as blasphemous to your true Goddess and all of Womankind as christianity. With the introduction of false patriarchal religions came egotistical priests that preached the uncleanliness of Woman and their secret sexual rituals of fertility. All that once was held holy and revered was now denounced as unholy by these new religious fanatics. It is now claimed that existence was given to us all by a false male god and that we should all bow down and worship him and his sacrificial bleeding lamb son known as jesus christ. It is preached by those who believe these lies that christ was given life by a virgin chosen by god without benefit of the unholy sexual rites connected to Women, so that his birth would be as far removed from the mystery of Womanhood as possible. Though even today many find it amusing that this all powerful god that has been given credit for the creation of all that we know, could not issue forth a son without the vessel of a Woman's body to act as the method of this supposed all mighty creation. Unfortunately, this proof of the true high power of all Women has too been ignored as the masses of christianity grow stronger and more widespread, but now The Church of Malice is here to destroy these untruths and remind you of your true creator... Woman! By worshipping Women like Mistress Malice mankind will once more begin to follow the true path of enlightenment, for Her teachings of Dominance and submission will once more prepare you for your place as servant to the Goddess and all Women who walk this earth in Her image!

It is the goal of the Church Of Malice to restore belief in the ancient religion of the Goddess first taught by the example of Women so many centuries ago. We shall see that power has been fully restored to the Goddess and Her followers so that the masses of mankind will once more remember Her power. Once more the Goddess shall reign and all of Her holy Daughters will take their true place as rulers of mankind. AMEN!